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The advantage of a CMS website is that different users can gain access to the content creation for your website. This is ideal if you need a website that will need updating regularly and you don't want the costs associated with a professional website designer each time.



CMS websites enable any authorised person to log in to a back end panel and edit web page content directly...

CMS - Content Management Systems - website design

CMS - Content Management Systems - Websites

CMS or Content Management Systems are a style of website that allow authorised users access to a back end panel that allows direct editing of your website content and page structure. DeGal build our CMS websites on the back of 2 very proven open source content management system providers in WordPress and Joomla.

These CMS systems are created via PHP which is a programming language for creating dynamic websites. Lately more effort has gone in to creating sites that are more search engine and user friendly but currently a plain HTML/CSS designed website is still the best option for SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) success so ensure the benefits of a CMS outweigh the extra efforts and costs associated with SEO work...


The simple answer to this is yes, which is why our CMS sites start from just £500 compared to the £1000's other web developers will charge you! On top of setting up the site professionally to ensure maximum search engine visibility, site stability and performance enhancement we ensure other tools such as Google Analytics are correctly installed and working.

We also create your original content with SEO in mind ensuring the right mix and depths of Keywords and setting the main site structure to be search engine and web visitor friendly.

Utilising our CSS and design knowledge we are able to modify and create a unique site for you as opposed to having a website that could be identical to any other website using the same template.


As said above CMS websites have improved their design and coding to be more search engine friendly but there is still a way to go. Ensuring that all elements are fully search engine optimised is still a skill best left to a SEO expert which is where DeGal come in if you are providing all content and images for your CMS website then our charges pretty much just relate to hosting, set up and SEO work which is why we can offer our CMS from just £500.

If you already have a CMS website installed and running but are finding your website is not appearing in search engine results then we will happily look at the site for you and assess where any issues may lie with your search engine optimisation. We will be able to help by ensuring how your CMS works is as fully optimised for search engines as physically possible. The main areas we look at are:

  • Dynamic URL's - Where possible we optimise these to resemble static web pages
  • Meta Tags - One of the common issues we find with CMS is either no meta tags at all or a single set of tags copied site wide - basically telling search engines all your sites pages are the same content wise...
  • Design Coding - Ensuring your system is built on as much solid HTML & CSS as possible is a main concern. If structure and content is built on scripting languages such as AJAX/JAVA then the content could be hidden to search engines leading to poor page rankings

There is also the issue of the additional content you may add yourself. The biggest ranking factor is your on site content so ensuring what is added is optimised and optimised correctly should always be a major concern if you want to rank well in the SERP's.


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Website Special Offers

We have a number of special offers to help make getting your business web site a more affordable proposition - REMEMBER ALL OUR WEBSITES COME FULLY ON SITE SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISED - this means your site will appear in search engine result pages (SERP's) and customers can connect with your business

£150 website holding page £100 professional website review £99 website holding page


What will a business CMS website cost

We can't quote for every business as you are all unique and the amount of work required for your particular website will differ from every other company. What we can say is our professional CMS set up that includes full SEO work begins from £500

We will happily talk with you to find out your exact website requirements and then provide an accurate, all inclusive, website development quote based on creating you a content management system website.

Annual hosting fees are usually from £50 depending on website and email requirements.

We charge all domain renewals at our cost price so's are currently £3.75 per year and .com's £12.50 to renew.


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Based in Southampton, Hampshire DeGal Website Design can happily create your business website wherever in the world you are!

We are also very good at Search Engine Optimisation and have our own dedicated site to explain the whole SEO process for you so please do visit our DeGal SEO site to learn from the experts.

If you are a Start Up Business then you may also be interested in our Start A Biz packages that get you up and running with business image and website - see the packages at StartaBiz.

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